Lime Tree Hospitality works with the big names in the hospitality industry. You will find our products in guestrooms by Marriott, Renaissance, Hilton, Starwood, and Sheraton as well as independent and boutique hotels, and large scale condominium projects.

We understand the importance of your project and all it takes to bring it to life. Our project management team will work closely with you to provide a team interaction and response time that is second to none in the industry. Our philosophy is:

From Design to Reality: We work directly with the design team to ensure that those big dreams and napkin sketches can be brought to life in real, beautiful, functional furniture.

We’re In This Together: Customer service doesn’t just come before the sale. You can expect us to be there all along the way, present at design and planning meetings to whatever extent is necessary!

We Think On Our Feet: We understand that project conditions can change over time. Our team is nimble enough to make on-the-fly changes! We don’t believe in red tape, and don’t have any corporate hoops to jump through. We’ll get it done just the way you want it!

We Work For You: We provide, as a standard, weekly progress reports. We’ve got our eye on the ball so you can focus on everything else! Additionally, our quality control teams are always present in the factory throughout production.

Forward Thinking: We know unfortunate situations can happen during installation. For this reason, we produce extra pieces at no charge to you, providing peace of mind with the knowledge that you can keep your installation on schedule.