Lime Tree Hospitality understands the relationship between our product and the Earth. We know the resources we draw from are not limitless. We keep our carbon footprint small, and take pride in the fact that we can make a difference. Among other environmentally focused directives, Lime Tree donates trees to literally give back what we use. Annually we plant in excess of 10,000 trees!

Lime Tree supports further education within the burgeoning hospitality industry. Recently, for example, we provided a financial donation to Metro State University School of Hospitality, which has expanded facilities to include an onsite hotel. We are grateful to have been given this opportunity to help educate people entering the growing workforce of an industry we love!

Charitable Giving
We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Colorado Community, and the vibrant, healthy lifestyle that life in the Rocky Mountain West affords us. Together, we have traveled millions of miles, and have experienced cultures around the world. Through these travels, we have come to understand how lucky we are and what a difference we can make by sharing our good fortune. We take it as our personal responsibility to give back to the global community that has given us so much. Each year, we support many different organizations within our community, and the larger world community, such as conservation, education, healthcare, and children’s charities.

We feel that it is important for you to know that we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and that your trust in us, and investment in our product helps to give us an opportunity to continue to “pay it forward” to those in our communities who are less fortunate than us.