Our commitment to excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship, and service ensures the most gracious product possible. Our customers come first. We work hard to produce beautiful, well-defined product with lasting value and a solid return on your investment.

Our Quality Management Team (QMT) has decades of experience in ensuring factory due diligence, raw material selection, assembly, finishing, quality assurance, packaging, and product inspection.

Our Project Management Team (PMT) has a rich history of experience managing hospitality projects. The long-term relations with our factories ensure efficient manufacturing while achieving a high level of quality and schedule control to meet your critical deadlines.

At Lime Tree Hospitality, building green is not a trend, it is an ongoing mission. Our commitment will continue as new ways are developed to improve everything we touch, from the product we build to the way we deliver them to your hotel. Our internal initiatives include using renewable resources and recycled materials throughout the manufacturing process. Many of our projects include the use of FSC certified woods and environmentally friendly adhesives and paints.